To deliver the best learning tools that stimulate thinking and creativity. To continue to produce innovative learning solutions for the 21st century and beyond for our consumers and stakeholders.


We have great respect for our fellow employees, readers, authors, illustrators, opinion makers, vendors, customers, and all those with whom we collaborate.

We welcome new avenues of success, including content we have not pursued before. We believe in creating award-worthy books.

We believe in celebrating our successes, no matter how small.

We believe in honoring our cherished company history and building upon it to create a successful future.

We believe in making morally and ethically sound decisions for ourselves and for everyone with whom we associate.

We believe in working with people we care about to create books that make a difference.


We are passionate about books and a new way of learning – we love what we do and we love who we work with.

We are big enough to make an impact in the industry, but small enough that you will come to know our staff.